At FenderHooks LLC we make just one kind of fender hook, “The Finest”. Some folks call them fender hooks or FenderHooks, fender holders, fender hangers, pelican hooks, fender saddles, and for the real ‘salts’ they’re called gripes.

In any vernacular, they’re used to protect your yacht’s varnish, paint and polished areas, subjected to chafe caused from lines securing your yacht’s fendering systems. Investing in high quality, hand crafted, Fenderhooks designed for your vessel is our specialty.

Please follow us through this website and the pages that follow.  We offer many ideas and solutions for FenderHooks.  Yes, some portions or ideas may not be applicable, but continued browsing may trigger an idea that you can call and discuss with our staff.

We have found that through our 40 years in the yacht industry, that many items are used by big and small vessels alike, only differing in perhaps in size and shape.  For instance some boats use tubular stainless steel handrails; smaller vessels may use 1″ diameter and bigger vessels use 2″ diameter–the smaller vessel  will use .125″ thick stainless core and the larger vessel will use .250″ stainless steel, or change to a larger width,  BUT they look similar in appearance.  So perusing through the pages should give you many ideas for your vessel. FenderHooks LLC is committed to producing a quality crafted Fenderhook that complements the vessel and facilitates the captains’ docking of the vessel. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service that is in keeping with the “Palm Beach Yachting Tradition”. Fenderhooks are as varied as the vessels they protect and each captain has experience that can be incorporated into a successful design taking into account the size of the vessel, the type of cruising/mooring that is anticipated, type of cap rail or railing system, and the number of crew. Consultation is encouraged and is a large part of our service. We want to “get it right” because FenderHooks are an investment in your overall success as a yachtsman and captain.